Oh ha ni!!!

Oh Ha-ni Edit

one who will get into an accident to make sure that her crush gets to his test safely is none other than Oh Han Ni.

Personality Edit

Oh Ha-ni is an outgoing and bold person. Although she is clumsy and can be pretty troublesome, she will still do anything to be with Baek Seung-Jo. Baek Seung-Jo is gifted with an IQ of 200, thus making him a genius. It doesn't go unnoticed by many of the girls that attend his school, and adds more onto his charm, attracting the likes of Yoon He Ra, etc. Oh Ha-ni on the other hand, is the 90th placed student in the school -- the exact opposite of Seung Jo. Characteristically, others might see her as a bit slow-witted, however, that isn't the case. Her intelligence is shown most prevalent when she moves up to the Top 50 of her school, thanks to the tutoring of Baek Seung-Jo and her determination. In fact, it is this determination that has gotten her so close with Seung-jo. And over the course of many episodes, Seung-jo falls for it too. She has tried many ways to get to Baek Seung-Jo, she tried impressing him, sneaking up on him. She tried making him jealous, using various methods all throughout the season, but in the end they do accept each other and get married.